Simple User-Friendly Design

Same Textured Surface As Healthcare Pro Models

The FAT Stick helps loosen areas of tightness and leaves you with increased mobility and decreased soreness without causing discomfort or bruising.

RSC Balms for Fascia Release

Warming and Soothing Balms

Included with every purchase: you get a sample size of Warming and Soothing Balms, and full size Friction Cream. These products are specially formulated specifically for the FAT-Stick and increase the FAT-Stick effectiveness.


Specially Formulated Friction Cream

This friction cream has been scientifically formulated to increase the effectiveness ofthe FAT-Stick™ so your sore tight muscles get relief fast. A free friction cream is included with each FAT-Stick™.


What our happy customers have to say

The FAT-Stick has been so effective I have been able to increase my weekly mileage and have much less muscle soreness after workouts.

Cross Fit Competitor

This Stick has helped me with recovery after hard work outs and decreases my muscle soreness to the point where I can easily do two work outs a day.

Marathon Runner

I love the FAT-Stick, I use it at home when I train and take it on the road to my track meets. Its easy to use, travel with and it doesn’t hurt or cause any bruising. I highly recommend this tool!

Melissa D / Sprinter

I recently completed a solo 1500 kilometer bike ride in Patagonia. The ride was very tough – an average of 90 kilometers per day over mostly loose gravel roads with lots of big, steep climbs on a fully-loaded bike. I have a history of tightness around the lower back and hip areas, and brought my FAT-Stick as a way to loosen fascia and muscles prior to stretching after each day of riding. As it turned out I did a lot less stretching than i had hoped, due to end-of-day fatigue and tough camping conditions. However, I used the FAT-Stick often at the end of each day and found it to be a quick way to loosen up. I could actually feel my muscles relaxing. I believe the FAT-Stick helped me to recover each day and to stay injury free.

Brian N / Avid Cyclist

I swim, ride and run, the FAT-Stick helps me to do multi event training days and i feel that i have been able to make better progress with the increased volume of training i can handle. The FAT-Stick is a must have in your bag of tricks to make it to the iron man starting line ready to perform your best.

3 Time KONA Finisher

The FAT-Stick Is Easy To Use

Unboxing the FAT Stick


We unbox the FAT-Stick and included soothing and warming balms.

Introduction to the FAT Stick


A brief demonstration of the FAT-Stick.

Learning the Edges of the FAT Stick

learning the edges

An overview of the FAT-Stick, explaining the edges and texture.

FAT Stick Basic Strokes 1

Basic Strokes 1

A demonstration of various strokes with the FAT-Stick.

FAT Stick Basic Strokes 2

basic strokes 2

A demonstration of various strokes with the FAT-Stick.

FAT Stick Basic Strokes 3

basic strokes 3

A demonstration of various strokes with the FAT-Stick.

FAT Stick Burst Stroke

burst stroke

A demonstration of various strokes with the FAT-Stick.

FAT Stick Sweeping Stroke

sweeping stroke

A demonstration of various strokes with the FAT-Stick.

Applying the Balm

How to apply the balm for maximum effectiveness.


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